Our guides are the best on the lake. If you would like more information about each guide just click on his button.

Bill Blakely is our most experienced guide, you may have read the articles in the national papers about his skills. He writes a weekly fishing and hunting report for Blue Bank Resort called "Blakely's Bull" if you would like to read this weeks edition please click here.

There are, of course, other guides on the lake that you can call, however; we have spent years testing and recruiting guides on Reelfoot and we can guarantee these guides are the best you can get for the money.


Billy Blakely is one of the finest, if not the finest, guides on Reelfoot today. His friends call him "toothpick" a name affectionately given to him by Bill Dance. Mr. Dance comes and fishes with Billy often, and it's always a great time. Billy has about 35 years experience in hunting and fishing in and around Reelfoot Lake. Having been raised in the area, Billy knows everything there is to know about the lake. He is an expert fisherman and hunter. He works exclusively for Blue Bank Resort and we are proud he is on our team. He runs the marina facilities at Blue Bank and has trained many guides for the resort.
He writes a weekly fishing and hunting report for Blue Bank Resort called "Blakely's Bull" if you would like to read the most current edition click here.


If you would like to have Billy guide your fishing or hunting expedition here is how...
1. You must have reservations to stay at Blue Bank Resort. You can make reservations by calling 1-877-BLUE BANK (toll free)
2. You will have to book well in advance to get Billy as your guide, we recommend at least two months. It's not uncommon for Billy to have a full schedule by two months before season starts.
3. Billy is a professional guide and his rates are $325 per day for fishing and $300 per day for expert duck and goose hunting. (Most duck and goose packages at Blue Bank have the guide fees included, however, that does not guarantee that Billy will be the guide. Billy has trained guides for these hunts and certifies that they are experts.)

If you would like to leave a message for Billy or any of the other guides just fill out the text box on the bottom of this form.